World gratitude day

26 September 2023

World gratitude day

We celebrated the occasion by inviting volunteers, health professionals and many others to come in, that support our home.

This afternoon was all about tea, coffee and cake. Some of our guests were able to stop for cake and a chat.

We didn’t want anyone missing out that was busy with appointments, so take away cups were available for anyone that was on the go, to enjoy with their cake.

Everyone also left with a little gift to show our appreciation for everything they do.

They received a Good Luck Cloverleaf Charm and a poem saying…

‘The first leaf of the four leaf clover represents fame,

the second leaf represents wealth,

the third leaf represents true love,

and the fourth leaf represents health.

Therefore, the four leaf clover charm is a good luck amulet that can bring happiness to everyone, representing a good blessing’

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