Wishing Fairies Work Their Magic for Jim!

20 October 2023

Wishing Fairies Work Their Magic for Jim!

Hold onto your sweet tooth because we’ve got a heart-warming tale that’s bound to make your day a little sweeter!

It all started when Tiney, our resident fairy godmother, flitted around Hunters Creek, spreading the word about our magical wishing tree. She wanted to know if there were any wishes hidden deep within our residents’ hearts, waiting to come true.

And then, it happened – Jim, the grandad extraordinaire, shared a treasured memory from the days before he graced us with his presence.

Jim reminisced, “I used to have a secret stash of sweets in my cupboard, and whenever my granddaughter popped over, she’d give me a big ‘Hi, grandad’ and dive straight for the sweets. I’d bring her those treats; she knew exactly where to find them, and she knew they were just for her.”

Now, his granddaughter is a frequent visitor, and when Tiney asked if there was anything Jim might wish for, there was only one thing on his mind. Jim’s eyes sparkled as he exclaimed, “I’d love to have some sweets in my cupboard here for when my granddaughter visits!”

But here’s the twist – Jim couldn’t quite recall the exact kind of sweets he used to stock.

In a flash, Tiney dashed to the store and returned with a bag full of 22 smaller bags of Haribo’s, ensuring Jim’s cupboard would be a candy wonderland for his granddaughter’s visits!

When Tiney granted Jim’s wish, a special guest was there to share the joy – Jim’s own daughter, visiting at just the right time!

Jim’s face lit up, brighter than the sun, as Tiney handed him his treasured sweets. Suddenly, the memories came flooding back, and he realized these were the exact treats he used to lovingly hand over to his granddaughter.

Jim was over the moon and couldn’t wait for his granddaughter’s next visit, armed with her favourite sweets and a heart full of love.

At Hunters Creek, every week is a sprinkle of magic as our wishing fairies work their enchantment, making dreams come true, no matter how big or small!

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