Willingham woods

26 June 2023

Willingham woods

Willingham Woods located east of Market Rasen, is a local outdoor spot that provides walking trials, horse riding, picnic areas, biking and cycling trails plus a café.


This week our residents chose to visit Willingham Woods. On arrival we went for a walk around the woods, taking in the nature, fresh air and spotting the local woodland animals. Willingham Woods brought back a lot of memories for our residents especially for those who remember taking their children and grandchildren there over the years. We reminisced on bike rides, horse riding lessons, picnics, and fond memories of quality time with our loved ones.


Before we headed back home, we tried out the different ice creams available. We had a lovely day, and it really means so much to our residents to be able to continue visiting places which hold a special place in their hearts.


Meadows Park would like to invite you to look around if you or a loved one would be interested in finding out more. Please contact our team on 01507 304344.

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