Wild West family funday at Holbeach Meadows

13 June 2024

Wild West family funday at Holbeach Meadows

Last Sunday Holbeach Meadows held a Wild West Family Funday. It was a fantastic event, enthusiastically supported by the local community. The children had a blast participating in a treasure hunt around the home, searching for letters to spell out a secret message, and getting their faces painted by The Paintbrush’s Dream. We all enjoyed the country music from singer Charlie Sinclair and savored a delicious BBQ prepared by our catering team, which the residents also had for their lunch.

There were various games available, including “Guess How Many Sweets in the Jar,” which was counted and managed by the residents, and “Pin the Tail on the Horse,” with a horse painted by the residents. Another fun activity was “Guess the Name of the Horse,” with names chosen by and the game run by the residents. The tombola was organized and labeled by the residents, and other activities included a “Water or Wine” game, “Tin Can Alley” with cans decorated by the residents, and a raffle featuring donations from families and the local community.

A big thank you goes out to the residents and team members who volunteered to help plan, set up, and support the day, making it the success it was! All proceeds from the event will go towards our summer garden project.

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