WI adventures with Connie and Elsie!

17 November 2023

WI adventures with Connie and Elsie!

Prepare for a heart-warming tale of WI friends reunited under the Toray Pines roof! Meet Connie and Elsie, two dynamic ladies with a history that goes way back to their WI (Women’s Institute) days. These ladies may have been in different WI areas, but guess what? The WI bond runs deep.

Fast forward to today, and these two are inseparable. Picture them, deep in craft mode, reminiscing about the good old WI days—the people they met, the adventures they had—all while tackling a fantastic craft activity. It’s like a lively WI reunion right in our own cozy corner!

Connie, the WI superstar, joined the scene in the swinging ’60s, navigating through various WI institutes, from Wold Newton to Louth and Woodhall Spa. Elsie, equally impressive, hopped on the WI train in 1959 and is still rocking it with Mareham Le Fen. These ladies are a living testament to the rich tapestry of WI experiences.

Now, cue the laughter and friendly banter! Connie spills the beans about her slight competitive streak during markets and shows. If another group did something, she had to outdo them the next time. It’s the kind of competition that’s all in good spirits and enjoyed by everyone.

Their WI adventures? Oh, they were legendary! From home-baked goodies to crafts and needlework, these ladies were the real deal. Imagine Connie’s house transformed into a storage haven for all the bakes and crafts destined for market glory. Mince pies during the festive season? You bet!

And here’s the twist: now they’re onto the next chapter of their adventures, delving into felting crafts. Connie, the felting rookie, is under the expert tutelage of Elsie. Bumble bees, sheep, snowmen—their crafting repertoire is expanding faster than you can say “WI reunion.”

But wait, there’s more! They’re not just crafting; they’re spreading joy with their infectious camaraderie. Team members are buzzing with excitement, witnessing this dynamic duo in action. What’s next on the crafting agenda? We can hardly wait to see the magic these two will create next. Stay tuned for more crafty WI adventures with Connie and Elsie!


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