Welcome back Gunvar

24 November 2023

Welcome back Gunvar

Gunvar joined Sandpiper in 2012, temporarily stepping away in 2016. However, in the same year, Gunvar returned as a carer before retiring in October. Her departure was deeply felt, and the entire community missed her dearly. Recently, Gunvar found herself missing Sandpiper and its residents, prompting her to consider returning from retirement. Sandpiper enthusiastically welcomed Gunvar back, recognising her unwavering dedication and the genuine affection she garnered from residents.

Now, Gunvar has rejoined as a Lifestyle Coordinator, working alongside Jo. She seamlessly adapted to her new role, bringing forth creative ideas for activities. Gunvar’s infectious enthusiasm extends to her involvement with residents, and she particularly enjoys styling their hair. On Mary’s 100th Birthday, Gunvar went above and beyond, arriving early to wash and set Mary’s hair in rollers, leaving her looking stunning.

Gunvar’s commitment to both residents and staff is evident, and her return is met with great pleasure. As a Lifestyle Coordinator, she continues to demonstrate her passion for enhancing the residents’ lives. The entire community is excited to witness the positive impact Gunvar will undoubtedly bring to Sandpiper once again. Welcome back, Gunvar!

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