Weaving together the dreams and positivity of our residents at Beeston Rise

11 January 2024

Weaving together the dreams and positivity of our residents at Beeston Rise

In the heart of Beeston Rise Care Home, a tale unfolded this week, weaving together the dreams and positivity of its residents. Amanda Roy, the Home Manager, embarked on a unique project alongside the residents – the creation of a wish tree and a positivity tree. Their collective goal was to nurture happiness and well-being, placing the joy of residents at the forefront of their endeavors.

The wish tree, a place for residents to inscribe their deepest wishes. Each written wish became a promise, a pledge from the dedicated team to make these dreams a reality. The mission at Beeston Rise is clear – to ensure that every resident’s wish is fulfilled, painting their days with moments of joy and fulfillment.

Alongside the wish tree, the positivity tree blossomed. Its purpose was to coax the residents into contemplating positive thoughts, cultivating a mindset that could have profound effects. Extensive research has shown that positive thinking is a formidable force, contributing to stress management and overall health. The power of optimistic thoughts extends to boosting self-esteem, enhancing physical well-being, and casting a radiant light on life’s outlook.

As 2024 unfurls its pages, the theme at Beeston Rise is clear: encouraging residents to embrace their happiest selves. The dedicated team, led by Amanda Roy, stands ready to provide the necessary support and encouragement. With the wish tree poised to make dreams come true and the positivity tree sowing the seeds of optimistic thinking, the residents embark on a journey towards a brighter and more joyful existence, guided by the compassionate hands of the Beeston Rise team.

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