Toray Pines residents celebrate their 65th Valentine’s Day together

9 February 2024

Toray Pines residents celebrate their 65th Valentine’s Day together

In the enchanting autumn of 1953, amidst the rustic charm of Woodhall, Herbert’s heart found its match in the delightful Rita at the Kinema in the Woods. Rita, a Shop Assistant at Tattershall Post Office, and Herbert, a rugged Farmer at Bridge Farm, embarked on a love story that would span decades.

In those days, when fields were meticulously handpicked, and the most tedious task was harvesting sugar beet, Herbert recalls the toil and camaraderie of yesteryears. Laughter echoed as he reminisced, “No such thing as health and safety back then. Groups of ladies collected in the fields, with no toilets nearby. They’d dash down the dike, wipe their hands, and get back to it.”

Amidst the trials of rural life, Herbert cycled seven miles each way to be with Rita, showcasing his devotion. His clever expedient of catching the train just in time on his way back, thanks to the Train Master’s recognition, added a touch of romance to their courtship.

On the auspicious date of October 19, 1957, the couple exchanged vows at St. Peters Church, Woodhall. Rita, radiant in an off-white lace wedding gown adorned with buttons, marked the day with elegance. The celebration continued at The Golf Hotel, a tradition they upheld until recent years.

The couple’s love story unfolded further as they built a home on the farm, raising a loving family with three children—Adrian, Ian, and Rachel. Rita’s transition to working at Tom Thumb Play Group showcased the adaptability and shared commitment to new adventures.

As time flowed, the couple embraced retirement in 2007, moving into a cozy bungalow in Coningsby. Herbert’s unwavering dedication to Rita, providing her with care and delightful meals, painted a picture of enduring love through the golden years.

Amidst the challenges of health, the couple found solace at Toray Pines, where they celebrated their 65th Valentine’s Day together. Their love story, written with the ink of shared memories, laughter, and resilience, continues to blossom, proving that love knows no bounds, not even the passage of time. Herbert and Rita, still wrapped in the warmth of their affection, cherish each moment as a testimony to a love that has stood the test of time.

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