Toray Pines monthly resident meeting

6 July 2023

Toray Pines monthly resident meeting

Toray Pines have been holding monthly resident meetings. The meetings are held in the lounge, a comfortable environment is essential, and all residents are invited to join in.


These meeting are to discuss any complaints, compliments, suggestions, and any improvements that will benefit our residents and help maintain a happy environment for both residents and team members.


The residents have said that they really enjoy the meetings as it makes them feel valued and included in their care.


Reading the minutes from the last meeting and discussing the outcomes was a good opportunity for the residents to reflect on what was discussed in the previous month’s meeting.


Pearl had the opportunity to express how she really enjoyed playing skittles last week. Pearl hasn’t played skittles for a while and is looking forward to the next game.Team Member Karen was present at the meeting. Karen suggested that some residents would benefit from getting outside more often and maybe even for a walk to the local shops. Karen also volunteered some of her time, on her days off to come and take walks out with some residents.


Linda said ‘Thank you for listening to me/us. It’s nice to know we have people to listen and that makes me feel included too. It’s a chance to say anything that is needed to get off your chest or to tell people they are appreciated.’


Edward added ‘It’s a good forum to give your opinion and make improvements if needed but generally everything is good. The food is first class, especially the puddings.’



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