The perfect home, Cloverleaf by Desmond Paul

13 March 2023

The perfect home, Cloverleaf by Desmond Paul

Cloverleaf is in the city of Lincoln,

A city of great fame and renown.

A cathedral, castle and university too,

A place where to find old and new.


Cloverleaf is a part of the new,

A home of no real fame.

But a home full of care,

A home full of love

A home in fact not just name.


Cloverleaf is a home full of cheers,

But also of smiles and tears.

But its love and its care they conquer all,

And the tears? They just cease to fall.


Cloverleaf thus deserves its own acclaim,

For the staff, for their patience and care.

For the staff and their duty of care,

Cloverleaf may you always be there.

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