The Lanes Primary School visit Beeston Rise

17 June 2024

The Lanes Primary School visit Beeston Rise

On June 5th, Beeston Rise had the pleasure of welcoming ten Year 6 children from The Lanes Primary School. We were joined by five boys and five girls, all eager to share stories and ask questions. Our residents Margaret, Sadie, Joan, Pat, Jean, Barbara, and Vera were equally enthusiastic about meeting the children.

We participated in an activity designed to discover our mutual interests and what makes us happy. To encourage mingling, we spread out among the children, and the conversations flowed naturally. The children spoke about their hobbies, families, and school, while our residents shared memories of the war, their school days, and personal hobbies. It was heartwarming to see how quickly everyone felt comfortable with one another, showcasing the power of intergenerational relationships.

Intergenerational relationships, like the ones formed that day, have numerous benefits for both children and seniors. They improve attitudes, behaviors, and quality of life by fostering meaningful social interactions, stimulating cognitive function, and providing emotional connections. These interactions can reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation, promote physical health, and help develop social skills. Additionally, they build empathy, tolerance, and respect for others while strengthening community bonds.

In a care setting, it’s crucial to create activities that alleviate negative emotions such as anxiety, loneliness, and loss of independence. Our event achieved just that, as evidenced by the continued excitement and chatter among the ladies even days later

We’re currently working on a happiness tree in our activity room at Beeston Rise, where everyone wrote down what makes them happy. This activity sparked further conversations, deepening the connections formed during the visit.

Building relationships with the community is essential for us, especially as a new home. We’re thrilled to establish bonds with local establishments and businesses, and our new relationship with The Lanes Primary School is a significant step in that direction.

Thank you to all the children who attended. We’re already looking forward to your next visit and talking about it with great anticipation!

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