The Can’t Sing Choir

19 September 2023

The Can’t Sing Choir

This week Meadows Park had the pleasure of The Can’t Sing Choir come in to entertain us.

The Cant’ Sing Choir are a group of people who love to sing and it doesn’t matter how good they are.

Naomi who started the group commented, ‘We love to sing and music always makes you smile and its good for the endorphins. We have really enjoyed coming to Meadows Park and sharing what we do and encouraging the resdients to join in.’

All of our residents agreed they were really good and had a lovely afternoon.

Sam one of the care team said, ‘It was so nice to listen to, you could hear the music down the corridors and for those residents who wanted to stay in thie rooms, we could hear them joining in with the songs and singing from their bedrooms, it was fantastic!’

We enjoyed them that much, we have invited them to come back and join us at Christmas. It was obvious that they really enjoy what they do.

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