Teddy bear picnic

24 August 2023

Teddy bear picnic

This week Sandpiper residents held a Teddy Bear picnic. They even had some very special visitors join us as Susanne’s grandchildren arrived with their teddy bears for the afternoon.

The kitchen team provided a variety of sandwiches, healthy snacks, some yummy cakes and refreshments. whilst we listened to music.

After lunch the team and residents played games including, ‘Guess the bears name’. This fternoon gave our residents an opportunity to reminisce and share stories with each other about their own childhood memories and the picnics they have attended with their own children and grandchildren.

Hilda commented, “Children don’t have fun like this anymore its all about computers these days.”

It was really a great afternoon and so lovely to see everyone’s teddy bears and to hear all the stories where our teddy bears have travelled to over the years and how special they are.


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