Teddy bear picnic

14 September 2023

Teddy bear picnic

Lifestyles Co Ordinator Jenny organised a teddy bear picnic for residents at Cedar Falls.

Sandwiches, sausage rolls and cakes were prepared by our Kitchen team and residents gathered around to chat and reminisce about the adventures they used to take their teddy bears on when they were a child, or when they had children/grandchildren of their own.

It was lovely to see such a playful side come out of residents, the picnic sparked memories in all of us. As we get older, we can sometimes loose that playful, fun, and childish side to us, it was great to feel like a child again, even if only for a short while.

Some of the teddy’s went on holidays abroad and some to the local areas. One of our residents Debbie still sends her Panda teddy on holiday to her sister’s house for a few days and nights.

Residents enjoyed a lovely morning and said commented on how different this activity was.

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