Tanglewood’s unwavering dedication to team members

16 January 2024

Tanglewood’s unwavering dedication to team members

At Tanglewood, our unwavering dedication extends beyond the exceptional care we provide to our residents – it encompasses the continual growth and development of our valued team members. We take immense pride in supporting and empowering our team to attain further qualifications, equipping them with enhanced knowledge to deliver unparalleled care.

In December 2023, we celebrated the outstanding achievements of two remarkable individuals within our Tanglewood family. Ellie Wibberley at Toray Pines and Amy Moulder at Meadows Park earned well-deserved distinctions for their accomplishments. Ellie successfully completed her Level 5 in Adult Care, while Amy achieved excellence in her Level 3 in Adult Care.

Our commitment to learning and development is a cornerstone of our ethos, and our Learning and Development Manager passionately champions this cause. In her words, “I am very passionate about Learning & Development, especially apprenticeships. It is an absolute honour and privilege of mine in the role that I do to support all our employees with their career aspirations and their development.”

Working collaboratively with esteemed training providers ensures that our team receives top-notch, role-specific training on an ongoing basis. The manager expressed deep pride in all team members currently undertaking apprenticeships, acknowledging the remarkable dedication, passion, and determination they exhibit while balancing full-time work.

A heartfelt acknowledgment goes out to all employees who are actively engaged in apprenticeships or have recently completed them. Their commitment to the business reflects their unwavering dedication and hard work, contributing to the incredible job they perform daily. Congratulations to everyone for their outstanding achievements!

Robert Wright, Head of Business Development at Steadfast training, expressed gratitude for Tanglewood’s investment and commitment to staff development, foreseeing the positive impact on the business going forward. This collaborative effort reinforces our collective commitment to excellence and the continual pursuit of knowledge within the Tanglewood community.

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