1 November 2023

Stitching together memories: Clare and Brenda’s sewing reunion

Our exceptional Care Manager of Beeston Rise, Clare, dedicated some time to spend with resident Brenda, engaging in a delightful conversation about Brenda’s passions. Brenda, an avid seamstress, shared her career journey, which began in the world of ladies’ nightwear and eventually led her to the ownership of her own business. During the conversation, Brenda fondly reminisced about her cherished Singer sewing machine, expressing how much she missed it.

In a quest to rekindle Brenda’s sewing enthusiasm, Clare quickly explored various options on Amazon and Brenda carefully selected a sewing machine. To make Brenda’s day even more special, they made an impromptu trip to a local store in search of additional supplies like wool and cotton, joined by Lifestyle Co-ordinator Sillina.

The long-awaited sewing machine arrived earlier than expected, resulting in a delightful surprise for Brenda. Her joy was palpable, and the moment was captured with heartfelt emotion. Brenda’s immediate response was filled with excitement as she exclaimed, “Oh, we need to set that up and organize the bobbins!”

In a heartwarming gesture of gratitude towards Clare, Brenda has already embarked on creating a special gift, crafted with love and appreciation, exclusively for her.

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