Spooky creations at Avocet House

3 November 2023

Spooky creations at Avocet House

The spirit of Halloween filled the air with excitement and mirth. It was a time of celebration, where laughter echoed through the halls and the residents embraced the spooky season with open arms.

The residents, young at heart, eagerly donned their most creative and eerie costumes, transforming the home into a haven of Halloween delights. Witches, ghosts, and ghouls roamed the corridors, sharing smiles and jokes as they prepared for the festivities ahead.

However, it wasn’t just about the costumes and decorations; it was also about the joy of crafting and creating. Pumpkin carving became the activity of the day, and the residents’ artistic talents shone. Faces of all shapes and sizes were carefully carved into the orange gourds, each pumpkin telling its own unique story.

In the midst of the creative chaos, a special guest joined the activities at Avocet House. Resident Brian, who had a heart as warm as a pumpkin’s glow, decided to take part in the Halloween fun. His presence was like a ray of sunshine breaking through the dark and mysterious clouds of the season.

Brian’s participation added a touch of something different to the festivities. The ladies, with their hearts full of gratitude, welcomed him with open arms. His company was a treasure, and his help was invaluable. Together, they carved pumpkins, shared stories, and laughed as they brought their spooky creations to life.

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