Richard House Chairty Shop

21 September 2023

Richard House Chairty Shop

Today has seen the opening of Richard House Charity Shop.

Richard House are the first care home within Tanglewood to open a shop where residents are able to come and swap clothes that they don’t want to wear anymore or if they just fancy a change. This will give our residents their independence back and we hope to continue growing the shop to provide a variety of items.

Our residents are also involved with the running and managing of the shop. The money raised from the shop will go towards the residents day out fund. It is important to us here at Richard House that we give our residents indepence and a voice within their home. Some of our residents have worked in shops when they were younger, and the idea of reliving those memories has created a sense of excitment within the home.

The residents have decided if the shop does well they would like to also sponsor a guide dog for the blind with the money they have raised.

Please make sure to pop in to the shop when visiting the home, our residents cant wait to welcome you!

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