Resident liaison Graham

21 February 2023

Resident liaison Graham

Home Manager Tracey Klue, at our Avocet House Care Home in Boston, promotes a culture where residents are included in all aspects of daily activities of living at the home. To support this ethos, Tracey invited residents to put themselves forward to become a ‘Resident Liaison’.  In this role they would act as a voice for residents, and support Tracey to understand their everyday needs.

Charismatic Graham Burns, who has been living at Avocet House since April 2021, was eager to put his interpersonal skills to good use and take on the liaison role. Graham is a central figure in the home, and loves to help others.  He always welcomes new residents and helps them to settle in and make friendship groups. Graham enjoys getting to know people and finding out what makes them happy.

Graham is proving to be invaluable to Tracey. He attends meetings and regularly shares his ideas for new activities and events, including a weekly music afternoon in the home’s cinema. Graham’s vision is for a different music theme each week that will be chosen by residents. Music is always popular at Avocet House, so Graham’s suggestion was very well received and is now in planning.

By talking and listening to his friends and acquaintances at the home, and sharing their views and suggestions with Tracey, Graham and other residents can bring about change and feel an active part of the home’s community.  For Tracey, it is important that everyone living at Avocet House has a voice and is heard, so that the home continues to be a happy, engaged and inclusive community.


Tracey said, “I value the opinions of our residents; it is important to listen and act on the things they say. Their happiness underpins our culture; therefore, we will always put residents’ wishes first, including Graham’s ‘Music Afternoon’. Our residents love music, so this will go down well.”


Avocet House Care Home offers Residential and Dementia Care.

Avocet House is located on Parkes Lane within the new Quadrant development in Boston.

Avocet House is a 66-bed care home which offers facilities that include ensuite wet-rooms, social areas, and stylish décor. The home boasts a tearoom, cinema room, sky bar, hairdressing salon, and communal lounges and dining areas.

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