Remembrance Parade in Spalding town centre

17 November 2023

Remembrance Parade in Spalding town centre

In a display of honour and respect, Lifestyles Coordinator Jenny and Rebecca escorted some of our cherished residents to witness the Remembrance Parade in Spalding town centre and Ascoughee. The day unfolded as a tribute to those who served, and our residents were privileged to be a part of it.

They stood with quiet reverence as the parade streamed by, soaking in the poignant moments. Following the procession, they joined the gathering in the gardens for a beautiful service where wreaths were tenderly laid—a heartfelt gesture to commemorate the sacrifices made.

Returning to the town centre, they indulged in comforting hot chocolates, patiently awaiting the return of the parade. The air was filled with the harmonious tunes of two exceptional bands, the Peterborough Highland Pipe Band and the Spalding Marching Ambassadors. Each note resonated with a spirit of remembrance and gratitude.

A heartfelt salute to all participants in the parade! Our residents were not just spectators; they were active participants in this meaningful event, and the experience was thoroughly enjoyed by all. It’s moments like these that weave a tapestry of shared remembrance, fostering a deep sense of connection and appreciation. Well done to everyone involved—your efforts made a lasting impact on our residents’ hearts.


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