Portrait of a quiet talent

21 May 2024

Portrait of a quiet talent

Derek, our resident artist, enjoys sitting out in the sunshine and sketching whatever captures his fancy. A man of remarkable talent, Derek has many of his watercolor paintings on display in his room at Sleaford Hall. His stunning works range from landscapes to birds, each piece a testament to his skill.

A quiet man, Derek prefers to sit in his room, keeping himself busy with his sketches. However, his past is filled with diverse accomplishments. Born in 1931 to Dorothy and Harry Lea, Derek was the eldest son, with a younger sister named Brenda. Despite his father’s frequent absences in South Africa, Derek had a happy childhood.

From an early age, Derek exhibited artistic talent in many forms. As a young boy, he won prestigious awards as a baritone solo singer, securing first and second places in competitions. His artistic passion extends beyond painting; he is also dedicated to growing and designing bonsai trees, a craft he has mastered over many years.

Sleaford Hall is truly honored to have such a wonderful artist living with us.

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