Picture this

5 October 2023

Picture this

Picture this: the fabulous Liliana, a true legend among us, who dedicated an impressive 51 years of her life to the hustle and bustle of a local pub. She rocked the bar scene until she decided to take a well-earned retirement bow at the sprightly age of 88. But, oh boy, the story doesn’t end there!

Enter the grandmaster of surprises, the ringmaster of fun, the one with a plan that will have you cheering from the rafters! Imagine Liliana, surrounded by her trusty old colleagues, her delightful former landlady, and a merry crew of family members, all ready to whisk her away on a whirlwind journey down memory lane. And guess who’s joining the party? None other than the Nottingham Post, ready to capture every magical moment for the world to see!

The master plan? To transport Liliana back to her cherished pub, the place where good times flowed like the finest brews. But here’s the twist – this time, the spotlight is all on Liliana. She’s the VIP, the queen of the pub, and the star of the show!

And the pièce de résistance? Getting Liliana back behind the bar for one last round of drinks and laughter!

The anticipation is building, and our crafty organizer couldn’t resist adding a dash of surprise to Liliana’s life.

Can you imagine the scene? Liliana was handed a special invitation, and the room erupted with pure joy as she shed tears of happiness. She was positively beaming!

Now, here’s the cliffhanger, dear reader: our cunning planner has already snapped some sneak-peek pictures of Liliana’s emotional reaction.

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