Pet therapy

23 November 2023

Pet therapy

In the heart of Richard House, the well-being and mental health of our residents take center stage. We understand the significance of nurturing a positive environment, and one delightful initiative that brightens our residents’ days is the presence of our therapy dogs, Bonny and Reggie.

These furry companions play a vital role in fostering happiness among our residents, providing a sense of joy and well-being. As they make their weekly rounds, the impact is profound. The mere sight of Bonny and Reggie prompts residents to reminisce, evoking memories of times when they, too, may have shared their homes with beloved family pets.

The pet therapy sessions create a haven of warmth and connection, transcending the routine of daily life within the care home. The joy radiating from the faces of our residents during these visits speaks volumes about the significance of these interactions. It goes beyond the wagging tails and soft fur; it taps into a reservoir of cherished memories and shared experiences.

The bond between our residents and the therapy dogs transcends the physical presence, leaving an enduring mark on their well-being. It’s a testament to the power of companionship and the unique ability of animals to evoke positive emotions. At Richard House, we take pride in these moments of joy, recognising that the simple presence of Bonny and Reggie contributes significantly to the mental health and happiness of our cherished residents.

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