Pawsome pets at Cedar Falls

6 March 2023

Pawsome pets at Cedar Falls

Residents at our Cedar Falls Care Home in Spalding were delighted to receive a visit from the sweetest pet’s courtesy of Michelle’s Animal Petting Party.  Michelle and her menagerie regularly visit care homes and provide the opportunity for residents to handle and be tactile with pets.

Michelle brought along her sweet cat Milly, adorable Shih-Tzu Mitsey and her gorgeous rabbits Oakley and Thumper. Residents were able to hold and fuss over the happy little pets who were all beautifully behaved.  Everyone appeared to enjoy the sensory experience of stroking soft warm, fur and hearing the familiar sounds of a contented purr and an excited whimper.

Petting the animals brought back warm memories of family pets and encouraged some meaningful conversation among residents and the team.  Michelle’s Animal Petting Party brought an extra dose of happiness to the afternoon at Cedar Falls and put a smile on everyone’s face – it was magical!

Home Manager Jo Montague said, “It was lovely to see how the little animals brought such happiness to the day. Residents loved being able to fuss over them in the comfort of the home. It was great to hear everyone chatting and laughing together.  Pets really are the best therapy!”.

Activities Coordinator Jenny Newell said, “Residents were able to hold and pet the animals, they could even feed them treats and brush the rabbit’s fur. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon, their faces lit up with joy and for some it brought back memories of when they had pets.”

Pictured, Margaret Trivett & Neville Ashby with Milly

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