Our Mission Statement


Provide high quality care for our residents, in safe and comfortable surroundings, always promoting independence and choice

Give the families of our residents peace of mind, reassurance and confidence in our service

Attract and retain the best team members, giving them the skills and career pathways they deserve

Work in partnership with all external agencies, building relationships that support our visions & values

Our Vision

To be the service of choice for our residents and their families

To be the employer of choice for our team members

To be the health provider of choice across the Health & Social Care Network

Our Values



  • We will work together as a team
  • We will acknowledge that everyone is important
  • We will celebrate our achievements


  • We will value and support each other
  • We will promote empowerment and independence
  • We will acknowledge and enhance strengths


  • We will find innovative solutions to the challenges we face
  • We will welcome new ideas to help us evolve
  • We will embrace change and adapt accordingly


  • We will deliver excellence as our standard
  • We will continually improve and enhance our service
  • We will keep people safe


  • We will be kind and compassionate
  • We will respect and honour individuality and diversity
  • We will take accountability and responsibility for our actions


  • We will respect and trust each other
  • We will be humble and positive role models
  • We will embrace new relationships

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