Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

22 August 2023

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

This very famous song was sung by all the residents and staff whilst walking down the promenade on their recent day out to Skegness. What a treat that would have been for everyone passing by.  Six residents and four staff members enjoyed the beautiful weather, and all Skegness has to offer.  Resident Vicky even brought her little Dachshund Bubbles along for the trip.


Skegness – so much to do so much to see where do you start? Well, that didn’t seem to be a problem for our residents, they knew exactly what they wanted and whatever our residents wanted, our residents got.


For starters, the weather was on their side…it was glorious.  So, sun hats on, sun cream applied and off they went down the promenade singing away – first stop a cup of coffee on the promenade, lattes all round and a bit of people watching.  Although resident Julia said “Oooh I would love a pint of bitter”.  (Sorry they couldn’t oblige Julia.)


Next, off they went to investigate the sound of tinkling bells – and were so pleased to find out they belonged to the lovely Nuttall’s beach donkeys.  Although any thought of donkey rides never entered their heads, they were all keen to stop and stroke these lovely, calm animals – what a treat.


A short walk round the corner brought them to the pier where they visited a local restaurant and enjoyed platefuls of fish and chips and cups of tea.  The plates were huge, but even so, resident Zena managed to completely empty her plate including mopping up with bread and butter!


Further along the sea front and a short stop off to watch the scared but laughing faces of everyone coming down the log flume.   The residents loved this but not as much as they loved their visit to the Rock Shop – who can resist.


Finally, to round the day off, even though they were all “walked out” – they still had the energy to go shopping on the high street before making their way back to their transport and the scenic ride back to Hunters Creek.


Resident Zena summed the day up beautifully….” It’s been a lovely day with my lovely ladies”.


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