Mike’s and Elsebeth’s love story

13 February 2024

Mike’s and Elsebeth’s love story

Mike’s and Elsebeth’s love story began with a serendipitous introduction orchestrated by a mutual connection to Mike’s mother. Set up on a blind date, they instantly connected, with Mike’s passion for cars leaving a lasting impression on Elsebeth as he picked her up in a striking black criterion with doors that opened upwards.

Mike, a trawler owner who would set sail from Grimsby docks, maintained a connection with Elsebeth during his sea voyages. Every day, he would ring her, and the wind-slammed back door incident upon his return became a cherished memory they often laughed about. Their whirlwind romance unfolded in May, leading to a beautiful October wedding in 1984, just before Mike’s parents returned to Australia.

Elsebeth’s determination to marry her love led her to take out a loan of £1000, ensuring they could tie the knot. Their honeymoon in Spain, financed by this loan, resulted in the delightful surprise of expecting their daughter Lisa.

Blending their families seamlessly, Mike had two children Paul and Karl from his previous marriage, while Elsebeth had Robert and Donna from her first marriage. Family holidays in Cornwall and Devon created cherished memories, and in 1988, a trip to Australia reunited Mike with his siblings after two decades.

Over the years, Mike and Elsebeth became avid travellers, exploring the world together. One poignant memory etched in their hearts is a romantic evening in Bali, where they marvelled at the dramatic moonlit sea view. Mike’s words that night—urging them never to forget their fortune in witnessing such beauty—resonate with them to this day.

Mike, a devoted golfer with a penchant for music, particularly Status Quo and Dire Straits, shared these passions with Elsebeth. He even sang in a choir at St. James church, showcasing his love for music.

Now a part of the Meadows Park family, Elsebeth visits Mike regularly, accompanied by their beloved dog Lucy, fondly referred to as “my mate” by Mike. A beloved character at Meadows Park, Mike is adored by all, and the community eagerly anticipates celebrating their Ruby wedding anniversary on the 6th of October.

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