Memories Matter Cafe

2 February 2024

Memories Matter Cafe

This week, our journey led us to the heartwarming gathering known as the “Memories Matter Café,” a haven that convenes on a weekly basis at Trinity Church. This unique space is a source of solace and assistance for individuals on their dementia journey along with their devoted caregivers. The café doesn’t merely provide support but also a diverse range of engaging activities, from lively quizzes to spirited games of bingo. It stands as a beacon of support and mental stimulation for locals in need.

At the helm of this compassionate initiative is Jane, one of the devoted organizers, who extends her support beyond the café’s confines. She has graced Meadows Park with her presence, bringing an infectious spirit of joy and camaraderie. A particularly memorable visit involved the introduction of new-age curling, creating moments of laughter and connection.

Anticipation now fills the air as we eagerly await Jane’s return to Meadows Park next week. This time, her visit promises to be a creative affair as she lends her expertise to help us craft table decorations for the upcoming Chinese New Year celebration. The Memories Matter Café not only fosters a sense of community but also sprinkles moments of joy and creativity, leaving an indelible mark on those it touches.

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