Meeting Frank Bruno

8 August 2023

Meeting Frank Bruno

Lifestyle Lead, Kim arrived at Toray Pines ready for work, she approached Pam and asked her if she would like to pop out for a few hours. Pam was only too happy to oblige.

They drove to a local resort where some friends were staying, on arrival they were told that Frank Bruno was doing a book signing so immediately decided to join the long queue. Kim, Lifestyle Lead commented, ‘We could see Frank signing books, boxers shorts, posters and boxing gloves and also having pictures taken with people. We even heard his famous laugh.’

After quite a wait to meet the man himself, Pam and Kim were ready for their turn. They purchased a book and some of Frank’s charity arm bands and went over to get them signed.

Frank shook their hands and signed the book, Pam asked him to sign her arm band and then they all posed for a photo. After the photo Frank said to Pam, ‘You look after yourself’, which Pam was over the moon about, star struck even! Pam said, ‘What a fantastic day, thank you, I shall never forget this, I will remember this for the rest of my life.’

They finished the day with a meal at a local pub the White Bull and a nice cup of tea.

Home manager Sherin Kandi said, ‘What an amazing opportunity for one of our residents here at Toray Pines to be able to meet such an iconic legend as Frank Bruno. The boost to Pam’s self esteem has been remarkable and she is only too happy to tell everyone about when she met Frank Bruno.’

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