Meet Toray Pines Manager- Sherin Kandi

21 July 2023

Meet Toray Pines Manager- Sherin Kandi

Why did you choose a career in the care sector?

For me I believe caring is a way of sharing your abilities and support to those who require it the most, to enable them to live a good quality of life. I have learnt many things since joining  Toray pines; to provide an inclusive, happy and person centred care approach to every resident. We will always work with the residents best interest at the forefront. I believe that anything is possible with team work and I am part of a great team.  My Residents are like family to me now. I take pride in utilising each and every opportunity to enhance myself which in turn improves the lives of my colleagues and services users simultaneously. 

What qualifications do you have?

I have a degree in Pharmacology, I graduated from India and came to UK to pursue higher studies, and to broaden my knowledge in the Health and Social Care sector. I started my career as a Senior Carer in the Health and Social Care sector whilst doing my level 5 course and then progressed to management level with my hard work, dedication and passion. I have completed a Level 5 Leadership & Management Award in Health & Social Care and Developing Management Programme with LinCa, and more recently a CPD Accredited Award in Person Centred Dementia Care.  

How do you relieve the anxiety of people coming to live in a care home?

I am fortunate to have a very caring team at Toray Pines. They  have in depth knowledge about care sector because most of the staff have been working here for a long time. They understand the residents needs very well. I have been inspired by their commitment and caring nature. Toray Pines have two Lifestyle coordinators whose  role is to focus on new ideas to improve the happiness and well-being of our residents. Toray Pines also has sensory garden upstairs for residents to spend quality time

Which part of the role do you enjoy the most?

 My greatest pride is building a community where relatives, friends and family feel included. We also make connections with the local community so that our residents can maintain those important outside links. I also understand that at times our residents need one to one time and spending time with the residents and them sharing their lifer history or memories makes my role even more rewarding. 

How do you spend your free time?

I am married and blessed with 2 daughters; my favourite pass time is spending quality time with my family. I am very interested in sports, with Cricket being my faviourite to watch.  

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