Meet our new activities co-ordinators at Hunters Creek

26 September 2023

Meet our new activities co-ordinators at Hunters Creek

Welcome to new activities co-ordinators Christine and Saskia.  They’re currently completing their Induction training, but already they’ve left a massive impression on our residents with their cheery personalities and lovely smiles.  Our residents are really motivated to work with them and have been helping them to settle in by offering up ideas for future activities and discussing their favourite things to do.

Christine (likes to be called Tiney) is a mum of two and has worked in child-care for the last 9 years so this is the first care home that she has worked in.  However, she is looking forward to the challenge and says, “I’m looking forward to brightening the resident’s days and seeing their smiling faces.”

Saskia has worked in care for the past five years, including working as an activities co-ordinator. Saskia is also looking forward to working at Hunters Creek and says she is, “looking forward to making new friends and having plenty of fun with the residents.”

It’s been a very positive introduction so far and Christine and Saskia seem to be thoroughly enjoying getting to know our residents. We are so pleased to have them on board.

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