Meet Gilbert

8 September 2023

Meet Gilbert

Therapy animals and pets are really invaluable and often underrated for the benefits that they bring to our resdients mental health and wellbeing.

Each week we are visited by Archie a trained and experienced therapy dog, and occasionally he’s accompanied by his little brother Stanley.

This Wednesday however we had something completely new, Gilbert the parrot.

Gilbert is very talkative and at one point asked for a chicken dinner!

Our residents absolutely adored him, the visit from Gilbert sparked memories and reminiscence of when of our residents had their own pets growing up but also, with their children and grandchildren. It was great to see so many of our residents really engaging in the activity and enjoying chatting about their past experiences.

Gilbert is very beautiful, unfortunately because of the cage the photographs really don’t do him justice, but the residents loved him, and we can’t wait to see him and have a chat again next time.

Tanglewood Care Homes often have different animals visting the residents, to increase their social interaction, mental stimulation and, most importantly, their enjoyment within the home.




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