Meadows Park wish tree

28 September 2023

Meadows Park wish tree

This week we have been busy making our wish tree and thinking about what it is residents miss or want to do.

Phyliss decided she wanted to buy some sweets the other residents thought this was a good idea and we soon had a shopping list prepared.  Amanda Lifestyles and Phyliss went for a walk to the local shop to help Phyliss fulfil her wish they also took the shopping list with them to purchase sweets for the other residents within the home.

Phyliss was delighted to get out and and said it was so nice to think that her wish came true and this has encouraged others to think about what else they would like from the wish tree.

Phyliss also found it very comical as the day they went it was very windy and her hair was all over by the time they returned.

Amanda commented, ‘I thoroughly enjoyed taking Phyliss out and once the sweets are all eaten up, we will definitely go out again. We are working hard at Meadows Park to grant out residents wishes big or small. It is important to us that we provide our residents with a better standard of life, moving into our home is a lifestyle choice and in keeping with that, our residents happiness should always be at the centre of what we do.’

We will be keeping our social media updated with wishes granted, so please make sure you are following the page to keep up to date with how we are getting on.

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