Meadows Park turning Louth Pink

19 October 2023

Meadows Park turning Louth Pink

Our vibrant little town of Louth has caught the pink fever, and we’ve hopped on the bandwagon to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the most colourful way possible! We’ve had an absolute blast celebrating our very own Pink Day.

Our fantastic team and residents didn’t miss a beat – they embraced the spirit of pink from head to toe! Amanda, our Lifestyle Coordinator, got creative and crafted some adorable pink ribbons for everyone to sport proudly.

But that’s not all – our talented kitchen team whipped up some mouthwatering cakes, generously slathered in pink icing, of course. And to satisfy our sweet tooth, we couldn’t resist some delectable pink sweets to share around.

As the sun dipped lower in the sky, we transformed into Pink Ladies and revealed in the afternoon screening of the classic musical, “Grease.” We laughed, danced, and sang along to the catchy tunes, truly feeling like part of the Rydell High gang.

Not to mention, the highlight of the day was when our lovely Jean made a grand entrance, showing off her fabulous pink boa – we couldn’t help but join in on the glamorous fun!

The residents had an absolute blast, with Denise raving about the delicious cakes, and everyone chimed in for a harmonious sing-along, creating a joyous chorus that could rival any stage production. It’s safe to say our Pink Day was a day full of pink-tastic memories and a true celebration of togetherness.

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