5 December 2023

Maintenance magic—Steve Leverington

Allow us to introduce the powerhouse behind our maintenance magic—Steve Leverington! From grass-cutting extraordinaire to the maestro of shed organization, Steve has been weaving his hardworking charm since he joined our Sandpiper family.

Steve comes armed with a wealth of experience, having dedicated 15 years as a maintenance engineer within a group of private hospitals, hospices, and care homes in the South of England. Not stopping there, he spent another 15 years as their hands-on maintenance manager, mastering everything from low toilets to the intricate workings of hospital theaters.

His journey led him to retirement and a move to the serene landscapes of Lincolnshire with his partner, Fiona. Now, we must share a little secret—Fiona had to let him go as the designated coffee and lunch maestro due to a slight timing hiccup. A change of scenery led him to Butlins, where he worked in maintenance for two years. But, the care industry called him back, and lucky for us, he chose Sandpiper in Alford as his new home.

When Steve isn’t sprinkling his maintenance magic, you can find him and Fiona cruising in their caravan, embracing the great outdoors. Fishing and gardening are his zen zones, and a good BBQ with friends? That’s his idea of a perfect day.

But here’s the real deal—Steve doesn’t just fix things; he goes above and beyond for everyone. His commitment to making our space better every day is truly remarkable, and we are thrilled to have him as a vital part of the Sandpiper family.

So, let’s give a warm welcome to Steve, our handy hero, as he continues to work his magic and keep our Sandpiper shining bright!

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