Live music now

14 September 2023

Live music now

Ruth Lee a Harpist who is funded by the Burghley Family Trust, a charity who support children, elderly and people with disabilities, visited Toray Pines to perform for our residents.

Ruth arrived with a 6 foot tall harp and played two concerts, one on each floor of the home.

Ruth played some beautiful tunes, even one that she has composed herself. We were mesmerised by the music, we waved scarves and Ruth told us stories as she played. We all thoroughly enjoyed the concert. Ruth answered questions from residents and let them have a play on the harp too.

Barbara had a turn at playing the Harp and commented, ‘I can’t believe how easy it was to get a tune out of it.’ Barbara told her son Colin that she had played the guitar..a very big guitar.

Edward commented on how beautiful the harp sounded and how he was very happy to have attended both concerts.

We would like to give a big thank you both to Ruth and the Burghley Family Trust, our resdients had a fabulous afternoon and we appreciate your generosity.

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