Linda McKessar’s remarkable journey at Tanglewood Horncastle

29 January 2024

Linda McKessar’s remarkable journey at Tanglewood Horncastle

A heartfelt congratulations are extended to Linda McKessar for reaching the milestone of retirement and being honored with a certificate in recognition of her loyal service and unwavering dedication while working in the Housekeeping department at Tanglewood Horncastle.

Although originally hailing from Southeast London, Linda relocated to Lincolnshire during her childhood. Her life has been marked by diverse experiences, including a five-year stint in Germany where she served as a domestic technician while her husband was stationed there. Notably, she took on the role of Snowy Owl for a brownie troop, showcasing her commitment to community involvement.

In 1995, Linda returned to Lincolnshire and embarked on a 22-year tenure at the local grammar school, QEGS, where she served as both a cleaner and lunch-time supervisor. Simultaneously, she dedicated 25 years of her time as the local lollipop lady. Linda’s impressive journey at Tanglewood Horncastle commenced in 1995, and reflecting on her time there, she expressed, “It’s been a good experience, and I have made some lovely friends.”

As Linda transitions into retirement, she plans to remain connected with Tanglewood Horncastle by joining the bank rota. Additionally, she has graciously committed to volunteering on the activities side in the future, further exemplifying her enduring dedication to the community.

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