Lincolnshire Day at Cloverleaf

3 October 2023

Lincolnshire Day at Cloverleaf

Get ready for a whirlwind of fun because Lincolnshire Day at Cloverleaf was an absolute blast!

In the morning, we rolled out the red carpet for our amazing families, inviting them to join us for a Lincolnshire breakfast extravaganza!

Think mouth-watering Lincolnshire sausage and bacon butties served with a side of your choice: tea, coffee, or refreshing fruit juice. It was a breakfast party that would make your taste buds do the happy dance!

But that’s not all the excitement, folks! We had a true superstar in our midst – one of our beloved residents who hit the grand milestone of 95 years young. To make his day extra special, we decked out his table like a VIP zone, ready for him and his family to savor every bite of their delicious cooked breakfast.

As the day rolled on, our residents and their families teamed up for a thrilling Lincolnshire Quiz booklet. This brain-teaser was whipped up by a brilliant activities coordinator from one of our other Tanglewood homes. It’s all about teamwork and sharing the joy of fun activities!

But wait, there’s more to feast on! We served up Lincolnshire-themed snack trays brimming with delectable treats. Picture this: garlic & herb, smoked, and mature cheddar cheeses that’ll have your taste buds doing the hokey cokey. Plus, we had haslet, chine, Boston pork pie, Lincolnshire plum bread, and homemade Lincolnshire sausage rolls. And for a flavourful twist, we threw in some cheese & marmite pinwheels, courtesy of our culinary genius, the Head Chef. Talk about a flavour fiesta!

Senior Jennie couldn’t help but chime in, saying, “Our lovely residents couldn’t get enough of the cooked breakfast, and even our paramedics gave it a thumbs-up!” It seems our culinary masterpiece was a hit with everyone!

Activities Lead, Hayley, added her enthusiastic two cents, exclaiming, “It was a day packed with brilliance, and we were over the moon to have so many families celebrating with us!”



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