Liliana returns

20 October 2023

Liliana returns

Roll out the red carpet because we’ve got a sensational story brewing!

Meet the incredible Liliana, a vivacious 93-year-old dynamo with more life in her than a barrel of laughter. For over 51 years, she was the heart and soul of The Festival Inn in Trowell, where she didn’t just pour pints – she poured joy into every glass!

You see, Liliana isn’t your average retiree. At the youthful age of 81, she took her final bow from the pub, trading in her barmaid hat for a well-deserved rest. But guess what? The stories and laughter from her glorious pub days never left her!

Fast forward to today, and Liliana has a new home at Beeston Rise Care Home, where she’s cherished by an amazing team. They noticed how she’d light up every conversation with tales of her time at the pub, reminiscing with a twinkle in her eye.

What did our marvellous care team do next? They pulled off a heart-warming plan! On October 18th, the stars aligned as Liliana’s family, the ever-supportive pub staff, and her Beeston Care team gathered for a reunion like no other.

As Liliana approached the pub, the excitement was palpable. The moment it clicked that she was at The Festival Inn, she let out a triumphant “Festival Inn!” Can you picture the sheer joy and emotion that filled the air? It was a heartfelt homecoming for the ages.

So, here’s to Liliana – a living legend who’s shown us that even the journey back to your most cherished memories can be filled with magic and love. Stay tuned for more stories that’ll warm your heart, because at Beeston Rise Care Home, every day is a special day!



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