Learning Makaton at Humberston House

25 April 2024

Learning Makaton at Humberston House

Throughout this month at Humberston House, Care Manager Susan Bullock has been introducing residents and the care team to Makaton, a unique communication method incorporating symbols, signs, and speech. Makaton enhances essential communication skills like attention, comprehension, memory, recall, and language expression.

Communication is undeniably one of life’s fundamental skills. It underpins almost every facet of our daily lives, from educational pursuits to basic needs like food and drink, from conflict resolution to social interactions and recreational pursuits. Our ability to communicate effectively profoundly impacts our ability to navigate the world and connect with others.

Residents and the care team have been enthusiastically embracing new ways to express commonly used words like ‘beer,’ ‘tea,’ and ‘dinner’—terms frequently used around the home. The team has been actively sharing the words they’re mastering on social media platforms, encouraging friends and family to participate as well. We eagerly anticipate discovering the additional words that Humberston House residents and team members will learn.

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