Is summer back?

7 September 2023

Is summer back?

Just when we started to prepare for Autumn, the weather took a drastic turn and for now summer is back.

Residents and the team lost no time heading outside to soak up the glorious weather. Our resdients love spending time outside, chatting, playing games, enjoying a cup of tea and reminscing on summers past.

Jean and Margaret also took a late afternoon stroll around the garden and spent time sitting outside together having a chat. The gardens are looking lovely after all this nice weather and was the perfect spot to enjoy a catch up with a good friend.

After spending some time outside Jean and Margaret were able to head inside just in time to sit down for Tea.

Autumn is just around the corner, but for now we are soaking up and savoring the last moments of summer, before we start preparing for upcoming Autumnal festivities.


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