Introducing the One and Only “TIKTOK SUPER GRAN”!

19 October 2023

Introducing the One and Only “TIKTOK SUPER GRAN”!

Open your phone, download the app and get scrolling, because the Calendar News crew had an absolute blast paying a visit to the incredible 104-year-old TikTok sensation, Joan! After being utterly dazzled by her viral videos, they just had to meet the woman behind the screen and soak up her inspiring life story.

Flashback to last June, when the Cloverleaf dream team decided to launch a Facebook card appeal for Joan’s upcoming 104th birthday – 104 cards for 104 years, right? But guess what? The whole United Kingdom caught wind of it, and faster than you can say “TikTok,” Joan found herself drowning in a whopping 222 heart-warming cards! Talk about a birthday bonanza!

Joan spilled the beans to the eager reporters about her philosophy on life – she’s all about having fun, staying vivacious, and keeping herself as busy as a bee. She even whipped out her precious photo album, a treasure trove of memories capturing family moments, her wedding day to the charming Ron, and festive celebrations that would make Santa himself jealous.

But Joan’s life isn’t just a scrapbook of stills; it’s an action-packed movie. She regaled the crew with tales of her time in the Royal Air Force and her adventures running a guest house down in sunny Devon.

Now, here’s where it gets really groovy: while the reporters were hanging out with Joan, they caught her in action, whipping up her latest TikTok masterpiece. With team members Jill, Claire, and Hayley providing some snazzy background dance moves and Manager Katie expertly wielding the camera, it was a viral sensation in the making! You can check out the whole show on the Cloverleaf Care Home Facebook page and, of course, TikTok.

To top it all off, Joan gave the reporter an exclusive tutorial on how to Charleston like a pro – now that’s one for the ages!

In the words of Hayley, one of the awesome team members, “She’s amazing, absolutely incredible. If you throw any activity her way, she’s game, no matter what it is. She’s up for a laugh, always!” Joan, the TikTok Super Gran, is living proof that age is just a number, and life is for dancing!

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