International beer day

8 August 2023

International beer day

This week residents at Hunters Creek celebrated international Beer Tasting Day, the event is traditionally celebrated on the first Friday in August, which falls on the 4th of August this year.

The day was originally started to celebrate those who were responsible for brewing and serving beer, although it is still celebrated for this reason, it is now a nationally recognised day to celebrate beers across the nations on one single day.

Some worldwide facts discussed with the residents and lifestyle team included,

Across the world 50 billion galloons of beer is consumed.

Budweiser is the most famous beer.

McDonalds have beer on their menu in countries including, Spain, France, Germany.

Germany holds an Oktoberfest every year, 6 million people attend the event making it the biggest beer festival in the world.

Beer pong was first invented in the 50s.

Beer is the 3rd most consumed drink in the world after water and tea.

After discussing these worldwide facts our residents had worked up a thirst and were delighted to take part in tasting a variety of international beers.

One resident commented, ‘It was a lovely treat to try the international beers, there were a quite a few I hadn’t even heard of before.’

Lifestyles commented, ‘Our residents loved trying the different beers, we then finished the afternoon we a competitive game of beer pong. It was great to see everyone getting involved and having a good laugh together, it looks like beer pong will be a new activity we will be adding to our monthly planner going forward.’

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