Harvest Festival at Holbeach Meadows – Spreading Love, One Can at a Time!

20 October 2023

Harvest Festival at Holbeach Meadows – Spreading Love, One Can at a Time!

What’s cooking at Holbeach Meadows, you ask? Well, it’s a harvest extravaganza!

We’ve been buzzing with excitement as we gathered goodies to fill the cornucopia of our local food bank. Our residents, along with our amazing team members, families, and even our fabulous visitors, joined forces to ensure that our community’s food bank gets a hearty helping of love.

But hold on, there’s more! On a delightful Monday, we had a fantastic guest in the form of Jane from Holbeach Community Larder. Together with Holbeach Methodist Church, we rolled out the red carpet for a Harvest Festival church service that had us all singing hymns and giving thanks for the abundant harvest.

It was the moment we’d all been waiting for, as Jane extended her heartfelt thanks to our residents for their incredible donations. And boy, did she have a heart-warming story to share! Last year, the community larder fed over 2000 folks in Holbeach – now that’s what we call a super-sized helping of compassion. It’s clear that the love we’re spreading goes a long way.

The good news doesn’t stop there! We’re not done with our mission to sprinkle love and kindness. You can bet your bottom dollar that we’ve got another round of collection plans up our sleeves for Christmas!

So, from our bountiful cornucopia to your heart, we’re wishing you a harvest season filled with joy, gratitude, and the warmth of giving back. Stay tuned for more heart-warming tales from Holbeach Meadows!


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