Happy Little Hands

3 November 2023

Happy Little Hands

Holbeach Meadows recently hosted its inaugural “Happy Little Hands” session, which was skillfully led by the wonderful Venetia. The event brought together babies and preschoolers who are exploring baby sign language through the medium of music. Our residents enthusiastically joined in the fun, participating in singing, signing, and dancing.

The session featured a delightful selection of timeless songs that the residents fondly remembered singing to their own children, such as “The Grand Old Duke of York” and “You are my Sunshine.” Additionally, they had the opportunity to learn some new songs, adding a fresh twist to the experience. Scarves were gracefully waved, puppet tickles brought laughter, and bubbles danced to the rhythm of the music in this immersive sensory journey.

Every second of this experience brought immense joy to our residents, and they expressed their delight with phrases like ‘super,’ ‘marvelous,’ ‘lovely,’ and ‘interesting.’ We eagerly look forward to reuniting with everyone next week for another heartwarming session!

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