Halloween havoc at its finest!

3 November 2023

Halloween havoc at its finest!

Hold onto your broomsticks because Halloween hit our place like a witch’s spell gone wild! We’ve got more treats and surprises than a cauldron full of candy!

Our bewitching morning kicked off with some spellbinding moves as our witches and wizards grooved to the mystical tunes. They wiggled and waggled, swayed their wands, and danced like they were brewing up some magical potions. It was a ‘bewitching’ workout to remember!

But the real enchantment came in the afternoon when some truly extraordinary visitors slithered into our midst. You heard it right! We had exotic animals, and our residents didn’t just meet them; they got to hold a real, live skunk, a slippery snake, and even gazed upon a tarantula! Talk about spook-tacular!

Our adventurous residents, like the fearless Jean, weren’t just up for it; they embraced it wholeheartedly. Jean held every critter in sight and couldn’t stop smiling. It was like she’d found the magic of the animal kingdom.

Ralph, on the other hand, decided to play it cool. He was content to be an observer, watching the wild spectacle unfold before him. And that’s just fine because Halloween is all about choices!

Costumes, oh my! Our staff went all out with their Halloween attire, and the residents couldn’t get enough of it. Liam had a blast sporting a costume with ‘Prisoner’ boldly written across the back. They even joked that he was on “day release.”

As if that wasn’t enough, our lifestyle wizard, Ange, gave the residents an enchanting surprise – a reverse trick or treat! Instead of handing out sweets, she knocked on doors, and the residents couldn’t believe their eyes as they received treats instead! A trick-or-treat twist that delighted everyone!

It’s clear that Halloween cast its spell on us, leaving our home brimming with laughter, excitement, and some truly spellbinding memories! We can’t wait for the next thrilling adventure, so stay tuned for more!


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