Games day triumphs at Richard House

17 November 2023

Games day triumphs at Richard House

Laughter echoed through the halls of Richard House this week as Pub Day turned into a spirited celebration, unveiling the competitive streaks of a few residents. Seeking a change of scenery, Lifestyle Lead Anita, along with her dynamic team of residents, orchestrated a Games Day extravaganza in their very own pub.

The air buzzed with excitement as residents indulged in a couple of drinks, setting the stage for a series of friendly yet fiercely contested challenges. What started as a lighthearted affair quickly revealed hidden depths of competitiveness among our residents.

Table football tournaments, spirited rounds of skittles, heartwarming sing-alongs, and engaging board games filled the afternoon with joy and camaraderie. The pub transformed into a hub of activity, with each game fostering a sense of connection and shared enjoyment.

At Richard House, the well-being and happiness of our residents take center stage in all that we do. Pub Day exemplified our commitment to providing not just care but also creating opportunities for residents to relish life and forge new chapters filled with delightful experiences.

For more information about the exceptional care we offer, feel free to reach out to our friendly team at 01476 855705. We are here to assist and ensure that every resident’s journey at Richard House is marked by comfort, support, and a rich tapestry of joyful moments.

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