Four plus One

6 March 2024

Four plus One

We were thrilled to host an unforgettable performance by the Ukulele Band ‘Four plus One’ at Sleaford Hall in February. As the band arrived and set up, anticipation filled the air, and they immediately connected with the residents, team members, and family members.

Once the strings started strumming, the energy soared. Led by Linda, the band filled Sleaford Hall with the delightful sound of music. The room came alive with applause and cheers of ‘Yeeeehaaaaaa’ as everyone got into the groove.

‘Four plus One’ consisted of Richard on the guitar, Helen, Mike, Ian, and Linda on the Ukuleles, and Alan on the electric Piano. Resident June couldn’t contain her excitement, dancing, clapping, and cheering from her chair. She even demanded, ‘When are you coming back? It better be soon.’ Laughter filled the room in response.

Even Gloria, accompanied by her visiting family, couldn’t resist joining in the fun, singing and dancing along. During the break, the band shared tea and cake with the residents, engaging in delightful conversations.

As the music resumed, June’s happiness was palpable, Christine, though dozing off, couldn’t help but nod her head and tap her feet to the rhythm, and Gloria belted out the tunes. Once again, the room erupted in applause, singing, and dancing.

It was an extraordinary performance, hailed as the best by many. June pleaded for them not to stop, but the promise of a return visit left everyone content, if not eagerly awaiting their next appearance.

A heartfelt thank you to ‘Four plus One’ for making our day with their amazing performance.

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