Fostering new connections at Toray Pines

20 February 2024

Fostering new connections at Toray Pines

Toray Pines has dedicated itself to fostering stronger ties within the community since the latter part of last year. Our efforts commenced with bi-weekly coffee mornings at the local Coningsby & Tattershall Lions Club every Wednesday, providing our residents with the chance to socialise with locals over a comforting cup of coffee and biscuits.

In November, we launched weekly Toddler Mornings, uniting our local nursery children, parents, grandparents, and volunteers for craft activities and lively songs every Friday. This consistent engagement has forged wonderful friendships between our residents and the young participants.

December ushered in a flurry of festive activities, including our Christmas fair. Concurrently, we embarked on a campaign to combat loneliness in our community. Our goal was to encourage individuals who may still be hesitant due to Covid-19 concerns, living alone, or feeling isolated and vulnerable, to join us for warm, home-cooked meals in our welcoming and secure environment. With the support of local businesses, we successfully advertised and attracted participants to our inaugural Bring a Buddy Luncheon in early January. The event was a hit, fostering connections and laughter among residents and visitors alike.

Our efforts also led to a meaningful partnership with the Royal British Legion, who will collaborate with us on future events and support initiatives for veterans. Additionally, Woodhall Wapentake graciously featured our community campaign in their monthly magazine, amplifying our message across Lincolnshire.

Just when we thought our community engagement couldn’t soar any higher, we were approached by the local secondary school. After a productive meeting in January, we agreed to host bi-weekly visits for 12 of their students as part of their enrichment program. These students interact with our residents on Wednesday afternoons, providing assistance and companionship. The feedback from both residents and students has been overwhelmingly positive, with the students feeling exceptionally welcomed and eager to return.

Thanks to our partnerships with the nursery and secondary school, these institutions will continue to contribute to and participate in our future events. We’re thrilled to see our community spirit flourishing and look forward to even more meaningful connections in the months ahead.

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