Football at Hunters Creek

28 May 2024

Football at Hunters Creek

With the delightful weather we’ve been experiencing lately, our garden has become a bustling hub of activity and joy. The sunny days and warm temperatures have encouraged everyone to spend more time outdoors, taking full advantage of the beautiful garden space. Our range of activities has expanded, offering something for everyone to enjoy.

We’ve organized engaging Bingo sessions, which have become a favorite among many. Flower arranging has brought out the creative side in our residents, with colorful and fragrant blooms adding a touch of beauty to the garden. Board games have sparked friendly rivalries and strategic thinking, providing hours of entertainment. Art sessions with Danny have been a highlight, allowing participants to explore their artistic talents and express themselves through various mediums. And, of course, football has been a major hit, drawing enthusiastic players and spectators alike.

Participation has been widespread and enthusiastic. Everyone, from our residents to the activities staff, maintenance team, and even Rachel, our manager, has joined in the fun. It’s heartwarming to see how these activities have brought our community closer together. The residents have embraced the opportunity to stay active and engage with others, leading to some spirited and competitive moments between the teams and the residents.

One particularly determined resident has taken it upon himself to recruit members for his football team, eager to challenge the staff to a match. His enthusiasm has been infectious, and it’s wonderful to see everyone rallying together, eager to be part of the action.

The garden has truly come alive with laughter, chatter, and the sound of friendly competition. It’s been a joy to witness the space filled with residents, family members, and staff all mingling, sharing stories, and creating lasting memories. These moments of togetherness and joy have been invaluable, fostering a sense of community and belonging.

We are all eagerly looking forward to the next football match and can’t wait to see who will emerge victorious. The anticipation is building, and we’re sure it will be another memorable event in our beautiful garden.

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